Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Yes Pleas by Amy Poehler review

I tend to stay away from biographies because I feel like most times they aren’t as interesting as fiction books. When I read a book called #GIRLBOSS , I changed my mind because it was such an intense and inspirational story that I could not stop reading. When it came to Yes Please by Amy Poehler I felt as though it was all over the place.

First off, I like Amy Poehler! I started watching Parks and Recreation recently and I grew to like it and laugh out loud often. Prior to reading her “memoir” I didn’t know much about her so it was all new to me. I found that her book was all over the place with a lot of wasted space. Two pages would be dedicated to a short phrase spelled out in massive letters. It kind of felt like she needed to take up space in her book so it wouldn’t be 10 pages long so that’s what they had to resort to. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know!

Each chapter was about different things, sometimes she would talk about her past, other times she would pick a random topic to discuss. It wasn’t really all flowing together, it was more like a bunch of short stories. On the other hand, it was a quick and easy read. You don’t really have to think long and hard about what you’re reading so I feel like it’s a good book for a plane ride or a quick vacation read.

Have you read this book?What are you reading lately?

Love, Helene Xx

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