Snapchat vs Instagram stories pros and cons

Snapchat vs Instagram stories pros and cons

I’ve always been a big fan of Snapchat, I just find it to be the funniest and is easiest way to share your daily life, sneak peaks, and behind the scenes stuff with your audience. In early August Instagram decided to go full copy cat mode, and created their own version of Snapchat stories (and by their own version I mean they literally copied everything). I can be an old-school kind of girl sometimes, I like changes but not too much, so when Instagram stories barged in my life, I didn’t really know if I should jump on the bandwagon, or just stick with Snapchat Stories. Since I love those two apps, I thought I do a little rundown of all the pros and cons of each one. This can come in handy if you’re like me can’t quite decide if you want to pick one app only, or juggle them both.

Your story is way more visible on Instagram
My average Snapchat story gets around 400 views in the space of 24 hours, and my average audience is under 21 years old . With my Instagram story things are a whole lot different. The same picture or the same videos get about 5 time more views in about an hour, and my average audience is a lot larger ( from 20 to 26 years old).

Instagram is peffect to reach your target audience
Depending on your audience most will more likely already be on Instagram. You’ll only need to build up one following as opposed to two, so you can really focus on creating quality content, as opposed to quantity. If you have already a big following on Instagram it makes way more sense to use Instagram story instead of encouraging your audience to follow you on in other app that they will have to download.

With Instagram it’s all in one app
I find it so much easier to get everything in one place think of it you’re out and about, and I want to take a picture for your Instagram profile, but you also want to share what you’re doing with your audience. Instead of taking a picture for Instagram and then switch to Snapchat you can record your story on Instagram.

Snapchat is easier to use
I’ll be honest – I find snapchat a bit more easy and fun to use than Instagram. I love the way it’s designed and what it allows us to do.

Snapchat has better filters
When it comes to filters, Snapchat has the best creative ones that will allow you to embrace your sense of humor. This is probably the best part of using the app, with new filters released all the time.if you’re like me you probably log in daily just to check out the newest filter. But then again as Instagram stories are still kind of a brand new thing, I’m pretty sure they will come up whit something as similar ( if not exactly the same).

Another reason why I love Snapchat so much is because it gives us a sense of “privacy”. Only users who add you can see your snaps. Sure, you can set your profile to private on Instagram, but Snapchat takes this to the next level. If a user takes a screen shot of a photo you share, you are informed. No matter what, you know who is seeing your snaps and who may even have them saved.

All in all the two apps have their straights and their weaknesses, but I kinda enjoy using them both, what about you? What are your thoughts on Instagram stories? Let me know in the comment section down below!

Love, Helene Xx


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