Pins I’m Loving #1

Pins I'm Loving #1

When it comes to Pinterest, saying that I’m addicted is an understatement. I can spend hours lost in the Pinterest wonderland, scrolling through all my favourite topic,geeking out to find the perfect picture to pin on my bords, or repinning from my favourite Pinners (wow that’s a lot of “pin” in one sentence). I think the biggest reason I am so hooked to this app is probably the fact that it offers a simple way of expressing who we are and what’s important to us to the world without having to say much ( isn’t a picture is worth a thousand words?). Pinterest  is definitely one of my favourite social media (alongside Instagram) to find new inspiration and ideas. The other day I was browsing through Mandy Ferrugia’s blog, and she has a series called “Pins I’m Loving ” where she shares roundups of pins she loves so her readers can get inspired by them too. I though it was such a great idea that I took the liberty of recreating it here. So here’s a my Pins I’m Loving # 1 !

Pins I'm Loving #1

These nails and rings// This hair colour

Pins I'm Loving #1

This terrarium// Those pillows

Pins I'm Loving #1

This adorable vanity // This bedroom decor

Pins I'm loving #1

This super girly desktop // PEONIES (I really do have a love affair with  those flowers)

Pins I'm Loving #1

This beautiful vintage dresses // “Enjoy the little things

Pins I'm Loving #1

These exotic plants // Soft colours and texture

That’s it for the first edition of “Pins I’m Lovin” on OsbieBeauty! Hope you’ve enjoyed it cause it was really fun to do! Let me know what’s been inspiring you lately, who are your favourite Pinners, what boards do you like to scroll through! If  you love makeup, food, fashion and  more make sure you are following me on Pinterest (I even have a special board dedicated to my SFX makeup work)!

Love, Helene Xx

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