My birthday wish list

My birthday wish list

My birthday is just a couple days away (actually it is this Friday). I have never really liked my birthday, I don’t know why it is just a psychological thing , I have a problem with getting older I guess… I thought it’d be fun to share my birthday day wish list with you all. This year I’ll be spending my birthday in Paris, as you read this my trip to Poland is coming to an end and we are in Prague. We will be living for Strasbourg on Thursday, and off to Paris on Friday (I’m taking a flight home on Saturday morning). It’s kind of weird thinking about your Birthday Wishlist in June though…

Anyway let’s get on with it! I’m trying to get more into biography and inspirational reads… I think that you can learn from someone’s life story. One book that I would really lite to add to my collection is “Not That Kind Of Girl” by Lean Dunham. In short it is the story of a young woman who shares what she’s “Learned”. It is a collection of autobiographical essays, lists, and emails. Also the geek in me would love to receive the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope. This book is based on George Lucas’s 1977 Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, but set to blank verse and written in the 16th-century style of William Shakespeare. If you have any good suggestions feel free to let me know in the comment section down below!

As some of you may know by now, I moved a month ago, and I’m a big plant lover….I would love to revive some succulent plant, because they are just adorable and would be a perfect addition to my home decor. Also I’m desperately in need of a microwave oven (is it weird to ask as a gift?). I spent the entire month of June whiteout one, and seriously it makes everything harder (cooking wise)… And for those who really know me, you already know that everything tea related is a big win with me..

Beauty wise I’ll be honest and say that anything from Lush would make me happy. I would love to get my hands on the new Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lip Luxury Collection (I know, I know I have expensive tastes) but what can I say it is Charlotte a Tilbury. This new lipstick wardrobe organiser, contain 12 new lipsticks created in collaboration with 12 celebrities for an incredible charity: Women for Women International. It’s the ultimate gift, or indulgent treat! I would also love to get the Josie Maran Wiped  Mud Mask Collection. I read so much good comment on this that I really want to try it ( plus I’m kind of mud mask addict), also I would lire to get the GlamGlow Supermud™ Clearing Treatment, this thing is the and I just absolutely adore it! Last but not least I would love to get the Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Eau So Fresh. It is the perfect summer fragrance for girly girls.

But to be honest I’ll be perfectly happy if I could have nice birthday dinner surrounded by all the people I cherish and love too!

Who else shares a August birthday with me? Happy birthday to all of you Leo!

Love, Helene Xx

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