Lime Crime Unicorn Lipsticks

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipsticks

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well!

Lime Crime, I’m sure all of you have heard of this controversial company or seen a picture of their vegan friendly products somewhere!

To be honest, before Instagram, I didn’t know a thing about this company. Seeing all the hype surrounding their notorious Unicorn Lipstick, I got curious and decided to order some , just to put them to the test.


Let’s start with the packaging! It’s a lilac plastic packaging with a holographic unicorn on the front. Before I ever had any Lime Crime Lipstick, I saw pictures on Instagram and I just thought that the packaging looked quite tacky, I thought they looked like something a 12 year-old would have in her makeup toy bag. But when I received my order I realized how much of a good quality they are! They are quite heavy for an average lipstick, and it is quite chunky. It is growing on me, a bit childish looking, but really cute.


I have picked up 4 Unicorn Lipstick, (from left to right) Coquette, Babette, Great Pink Planet, and Styletto. I have been trying them for the past few months. Even though Lime Crime is known for their unique vibrant shades, I didn’t choose anything too “crazy” because I wanted to be able to wear it on a day to day basis.

image(From left to right: Coquette, Babette, Great Pink Planet, Styletto)

Coquette is a nude shade with beige undertones, it reminds me of MAC Kindda sexy, or Kat Von D Lovecraft but it is slightly more pink. Babette is similar to Coquette in the fact that it is more of a nude shade, but it has more of a coral undertone to it. Perfectly suitable for daytime wear.Great Pink Planet is a very light, nearly fluorescent pink shade. I love wearing this one when I’m going out, but for daytime I usually tone it down with a nude colour on top, it makes it look a bit more natural. Styletto is a completely black lipstick, it feels a bit like black gel liner. I find it less opaque than the Kat Von D one though.
These last about 2-3 hours on my lips, obviously I would take these with me for touch up on the go. None of these are matt they all have like a slight glossy finish to the lips. The formula is creamy, very comfortable to wear, non-drying, very pigmented, and really easy to work with.

What I love about those lipsticks is that you can have them either very very bright, and full-on looking or you can have them as natural-looking as you want.


A single lipstick retailed at $18 on the Lime Crime website, which is roughly 24$ (CAN). To that you have to add international postage charges which is something around 15$. 39$ for one lipstick is quite pricey, it is a splurge on lipstick, but they are good quality: if I compare them to MAC, the formula is quite the same, but the Unicorn Lipstick are a little bit cheaper than MAC. Still expensive lipstick, but you can always go on eBay if you want a better deal.

Overall I would say that The Unicorn Lipstick are pretty decent, not my favourite, but still pretty good products. Have you tried them yet? What are your favourite shades, and what are your overall thoughts on the brand?

Hope it was helpful

Love, Helene Xx

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  1. September 21, 2015 / 9:22 pm

    J’ai les versions liquides que je surkiffe elles sont juste dingues je ne peux que te les recommander !!!!

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