Do you need to trim or cut your natural hair?

Do you need to trim or cut your natural hair?


If you are trying to grow long, luxurious hair, the last thing you want to do is cut it. Right? Wrong. In fact, trimming or cutting your hair is one of the best things you can do to keep your natural hair happy and healthy. Think about it, if your ends are dead (or are dying), fried, damaged, and they’re just like hungry for nutrients, they’re going to take all the nutrients from my healthy hair. So instead of going trough all that and damaging my whole hair and potentially having a lot of breakages why not just cut it off?

Here a list of points to help you know if your hair are ready for a trim.

1.Your ends are snapping off: If you notice splitting at the ends of your hair, trim it immediately. There is no miracle fix or repair for hair that is split and it will eventually continue to split up the hair shaft and/or simply break off.

2.Thinning: When your hair is thick at the roots and throughout the middle but your ends are thin and scraggly, you need to trim your ends until all the thinness is trimmed away. On short term this won’t help with length but in the end, your hair will look so much better and healthier!

3. You are using heat frequently: I won’t stress that enough, heat is BAD for your hair, but I can understand that from time to time it is nice to switch up your hair style, and you might need to use a flat iron a curling wand, hot rolls, and so on. Heat strips the sebum (natural oils) from your hair leaving them susceptible to dryness and at high risk for split ends.

4. Your hair is naturally prone to dryness: If overall your hair is prone to dryness on a consistent basis despite conditioning, moisturizing and sealing regular (which happens frequently to women with high porosity strands) trimming can be a necessary and beneficial part of your regimen.

5. You don’t have the same curl pattern as you used to: Your hair may be perfectly healthy, but you’ve noticed a change in your curl pattern, it is not as fresh as it used to be. You experience a lot of flyaway strands or you have to put more time in to get your ‘do just right. This is another sign it may be time for a trim.

6. Your hair isn’t “growing”: You are doing everything in the book to keep your hair healthy (deep conditioning, protective styling,co-wash, etc), but it looks like your hair refuse to grow? If you’ve reviewed your entire regimen and still not getting results, then maybe you’re not keeping up with your split ends, and maybe it is time for a trim.

7.Constant Tangles: If you notice the ends of your hair constantly tangle creating tons of single strand knots, then you need to trim your ends! This will make your life so much easier.

I know, I know cutting your hair can be scary, but you just have to be brave! Don’t be afraid to cut your ends off. It’s for the greater good of your hair. If you want your hair to grow you have to do what’s best for them, and that’s keeping it healthy.
There’s so many benefits of trimming your hair include healthier ends, length retention, easier styling… I don’t know about you but I rather take my hairs and cut off just a little half inches (or a centimetre) instead of letting my curls deteriorate.

let me know if this was helpful!

Love, Helene Xxx

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