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All reviews I write are my own, without being swayed by free items or monetary compensation for positive reviews. I want to create a reliable and trustworthy source of beauty information for all of my loyal readers and I will never be paid or incentivised to speak positively about a product if I do not agree. I want my readers to feel as though they can trust what I say, and that they are not being sold products for the sake of it. I too am a blog reader, and I would hate to feel as though someone was lying to my face; therefore I follow the same principal. I will be constructive in my opinions but if I really dislike a product, then I will say so. In some cases, if I really dislike them, I will sometimes choose not to feature them entirely, as it would be a waste of my own time doing so, and the readers time, reading them. I only feature items that I feel deserve to be featured in some way or form.

I do encourage comments, as the owner and author of the blog I reserve the right to delete comments if they contain offensive, rude, spam or hate speech towards any individual or group. OsbieBeauty is a place for positivity, inspiration, motivation not bullies.

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