How to comment on a blog post

How to comment on a blog post

Commenting on a blog post is a great way to create friendship, do PR, share tips, and get your name out there. But some times comments on blogs can be quite empty and irrelevant, and done the wrong way it can come across spammy -and we don’t want that. So what’s the best way to use your comment strategy? How should and what should we comment on a blog post? On today’s post I want share some of my tips and tricks on how to comment on blog post.

  • When leaving a comment try to stimulate a conversation, you want the author of the post you’re commenting on, and the readers to engage with you.
  • I personally avoid publishing URLs within the comments I post. Most commenting packages link your name back to your site, your blog, or a profile with links to your site. Comment spammers almost always push links in their content. People usually report that kind of actions as spammers ,and delete the spammy comments.
  • I don’t comment every single day of the week but I like to take time and comment on a couple of post that I really enjoy (and even share them on my social media). Like I said, I do believe that comment (and) sharing is a good way to develop relationships, and get people to know who you are.The majority of time, those comments are made on blogs where I am friends with, hope to become friends with, or respect the blogger.
  • Leave genuine comments, every thing can be say in the right way, no need to leave mean comments… If you don’t like someone or something nobody is forcing you to read their work (if you need help on how to deal with haters read this)
  • Avoid comment like “great post”, “love this” or “cool”…. I call those kind of comments “emptys comments” like I have said you want to create a conversation, and there’s not a lot of things to reply to those kind of comments.
  • If someone is mentioning you in there post or linking your content, it is a cool thing to live a genuine comment, just to show your appreciation.

The key is to leave genuine, thoughtful, engaging comments. Don’t waist your time writing on something you didn’t truly enjoy reading just for the sake of leaving a comment. I strongly recommend that bloggers (especially new one) to regularly leave comments on other blog , whether it is in your “niche”(I don’t really like the term “niche” because it don’t believe we should box ourselves in a particular category but you get what I mean). It is a fun and organic make new friends, and get traffic back to your blog.

Do you have any particular tips on how to comment on a blog post? Write them down in the comment section down below!

Love, Helene Xx

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  1. August 6, 2016 / 8:07 pm

    A lot of people need to hear this! Its kind of creepy when you can tell someone is like trying to bribe someone to look at their blog with a comment lol.

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