Christmas Gift Guide for Him | 2015

Christmas gift guide for him

Like I’ve promised here’s my Christmas Gift Guide for Him. You may have already read my Christmas Gift Guide for Her which I posted a few days ago (but if not you can click here to read it). Today we’re going to be focusing on the guys in our lives, boyfriends, brothers, sons, uncles, father, grandfather… If you still need inspiration and want something that is a little bit different from the usual aftershave you are at the right place! I’ve put together a guide of the best Christmas failed-proof gifts for him. Not only are these gift options suitable for any guy on your list, but I tried to pick things that are pretty affordable for anybody.


A nice pair of slippers
It is not something he think about going out to buy by himself, but slippers are a great gift, because they’re very comfy, and useful as well.

Toms Charcoal wool slippers 

Sorel Falcon Ridge Slipper 

Doctor Who Tardis Moccasin slippers

Forever 21 faux fur slippers



A watch
A watch is an intensely personal gift that will probably last for the wearer’s entire lifetime — and beyond, through future generations. It’s giving someone the gift of time.




ASOS Digital Watch 



Bose Headphones 

Pocket Kick speaker

Samsung Gear VR

Insta printer



A backpack or a sport bag
Pretty much all the guys I know don’t like to spend money on bags, BUT they use them all the time. Let it be to go on a road trip,hiking, to go to the gym or to school/work they’re always caring one.




Star Wars Stuff
The little geek in me feels like everything Star Wars will make a great gift this year. The movie is about to come out so everybody is super hype about it. and who doesn’t like a good Star Wars Pj’s?

I Woot


 Food & drinks
For the epicurean man on your list those king of gifts are a no brainer .

Ultimate Hot Headz Chilli Hamper For Him

Pizza scissors

Usb Frigo

Burger Press



Try to know his personal preferences first, what does he likes, what colours does he wear, his he the type to wear colourful stuff with big logos, or more plain white t-shirt?



Novem & Knight



This is my little list, if you have any ideas you can link them down below, cause I feel we can all help each other as well!

Thank you for reading

Love, Helene Xx

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