Choosing the right shade of foundation

Choosing the right shade of foundation

I know It can be quit a stressful experience trying to get the right foundation for yourself sometimes , especially if you are a woman of colour. I feel like people with darker, brown, or even super pale skin have a harder time finding the perfect match because not a lot of companies offer a large range of shades. So I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks on picking and choosing the right shade of foundation for your skin.

Know what your tone and undertones are. Tone is completely different from shade. You have warm tones, cool tones, and neutral tones. Not all foundation lines will cover all of them, but I think decent ones will. A really basic guide line to go by to know what tone you are, is the veins on your wrist. If you have more of a green vein colour, you are probably more of a a warmer tone. If you have more of a blue vein colour, you’re probably more of a cool tone. For instance, I’m a warm tone, I have yellow undertones to my skin, and I found that foundation with cooler undertones make my skin look ashy.A person with cooler tone might have more pink undertones to their skin. It is really important that you take some time to workout what tone you are.

Choosing the right shade of foundation

Know what your shade is. The best way to do that is to takes good look at your skin. It is totally normal if your face doesn’t match everywhere. For instance, my chin tends to be darker than my forehead, choose a tone and a shade that reflects the majority of your face (and neck).

One of the things that I love to do when it comes to choose my foundation, is trying 3 deferents shades, I will take the colour that I think is my shade, one that is one shade lighter, and one that is darker. I  line them on my jaw line (near my neck), and continue shopping (I usually wear my hair down so it doesn’t look too silly.

Choosing the right shade of foundation

I keep on doing whatever is it that I’ m doing, and about 30 mins later I look at my jawline to see how the colour have change (yes foundation do oxidize and change colour). If the colour blends perfectly whit my skin it is a good match.

* note: if you can go outside while you are testing the 3 different shades that’s even better. Look at the shades in natural light, that’s where you can really see if the foundation truly matches you perfectly or not . Inside underneath all the fluorescent lighting, yellow lighting, it doesn’t always come across.

What do you need from your foundation. What kind of coverage do you want (light, medium, full)? What is you shin type (dry, combination, oily,sensitive)? There might be a foundation that everyone is talking about (on IG or elsewhere) but this foundation might not be suitable for your skin type.

If you are like me and have a oily, combination skin, something that has a dewy or illuminating finish might not be the perfect match. It’s going to have you looking like the disco ball at the party by the end of the day. You better look for oil free product too.

On the other hand, if you are someone whit really dry skin you want to look for something a bit more moisturizing, so maybe avoid everything with a matt finish. In both cases the product you use in your skin care is really important too.

Do be afraid to mix and blend. Sometimes you may have found the perfect foundation formula for your skin type, but the company doesn’t offer it in your perfect shade, don’t bee afraid to mix 2 foundations together to create your perfect colour.

Ask for samples. More so with the higher ends foundation , you can always ask for samples so you can try it at home, or a couple of days in a row to really make up your mind about the foundation.

Don’t let the salesperson intimidate you. I know that 99.9% of them are lovely, I’ve come across lots of woman (and man) that are really friendly, know what they’re talking about, and genuinely want to help you. But I’ve had a lot of really bad experiences as well, so I just want to give you my advice for when you come across a sell person that isn’t that helpful, is a bit rude, or make you feel uncomfortable..SCRAP ALL THAT! They shouldn’t make you feel like you should do anything, they should just be there to help you. Don’t be intimidated by them. You have the right to stand there and browse at the make up for as long as you want. You are a possible paying customer, don’t waste your money on something just because you feel pressurized.

Be aware of the return policy. It can come in quite handy, also if your not sure the foundation is right for you, find out what the store return policy is. Some shops will let you return foundation if you really don’t like it.

Really hope some of you found this helpful! Do Let me know if you have any other tips and trick in the comment section below!

Love, Helene Xx

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