50 Blog Post Ideas

50 Blog Post Ideas

In the blogging world there can be days when one minute you’re full to the brim with blog post ideas, and the next you’ve got complete writers block. I find it especially difficult to come up with unique posts if I have a lot on a particular week and I try to ‘squeeze’ time in to write posts.

In my seven months of blogging, I have learned that if you are not inspired to write, don’t stress yourself, it is ok to skip a couple of posts! No one is going to criticize you, and your blog will still be here when you are ready to get back into it. The only effect of this is you might see a slow in readership…but remember you’re supposed to blog because you love and enjoy it!

Here is a list of blog post ideas for those of you bloggers feeling uninspired, hope it will help to get your sparkle back



  • Makeup buys of the week
  • Favourite buys this month
  • Product review
  • Top 5 skincare products
  • Top 5 favourites brand
  • Best beauty budget buy
  • Your skincare routine (seasonal)
  • 5 quick hairstyle ideas
  • Your beauty wishlist
  • What’s in my makeup bag? (Seasonal)
  • Dupes
  • Makeup look tutorial
  • Nail-art tutorial
  • DIY face mask or lipscrub tutorial
  • Best products for spot-prone skin
  • Recreate a celebrity look you have seen in a magazine
  • How to create the perfect brow
  • Empties
  • host a giveaway



  • Outfit of the day
  • Clothing DIY
  • Favourite buys this month
  • Hauls
  • What to bring on a trip
  • Your wardrobe essential
  • Recreate a celebrity or designer look from the highstreet
  • How to style a plain tee/blazer/skinny jeans
  • Make your own jewellery and post a tutorial
  • Catwalk trend reviews
  • Style for less
  • How to be a savvy-shopper
  • Wishlist
  • Holiday buys



  • If you go out for the day simply take photos and document everything you did! Use your blog as your online diary.
  • What are you eating? Have you some interesting recepies to share?
  • Review of a particular place – like a theme park
  • A round up of your favourite: YouTuber, Instagramer, Blogger, Pinner, Snapchatter, etc.
  • What’s your favourite movie?
  • Interests/Hobbies
  • Who (or what) is your style muse and why
  • Your favorite things to do (seasonal)
  • Your favourite books
  • share a playlist
  • Your travel bucket list
  • Your goals for the month/ year
  • Do you have any life experiences you would like to share?
  • Your workout routine
  • Can you help others? Do you have knowledge on a particular topic? i.e Anxiety/depression
  • Balancing life and work
  • Tips on how to use social media effectively

And with that my mind has gone totally blank! I’m sure that list will keep you and I going for a while. It would be great if you could also leave a little comment telling me which type of posts you most enjoy reading. I am eager to know!

Love, Helene Xx

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  1. April 19, 2016 / 10:35 am

    I love this, it’s so helpful! Thanks for the ideas!

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    Another great list if you have “bloggers block”. 🙂

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