5 tips for healthy curly hair

5 tips for healthy curly hair


What you need to know about curly hair is for the most part it tends to be dry. So our goal, as curly girl, is to retain and add moisture. Here are 5 quick and simple tips that you can implement to your hair routine.

1. Water: our hair needs water to maintain its elasticity, or ability to stretch. Without it, our hair feels dry and produces a snappy kind of breakage. What’re is the greatest thing on earth. It’s so important to hydrate your body with drinking water, your skin needs water, the hair needs water, it’s like a plant…you got to make sure you water it, because if you don’t it dries, and that’s one of the cause of those split ends.

A simple solution for that is to use a spray bottle, I like to mix water and a leave-in conditioner (one part leave-in, two parts water). Before I go to sleep, I spray my hair with the mix. You can do it before you go to bed, you can do it in the morning, but you need to get that water into your hair.

2. Conditioners: moisturizing conditioners are key to any healthy hair regimen. They add nutrients your hair needs for length retention and health.

Leave-in conditioners: you want a water based leave-in, fats…things that attracts moisture to your hair and possibly a litter detangling support from light silicones or oils. Heavy oils should be avoided in leave-in conditioners.

3. Oil: Once you have your leave-in conditioners in, you need to seal it. Oil will seal the good nutrients in so it doesn’t come out oil molecules repel and do not mix with water. Applying oil to the hair coats it and traps the moisture that is inside, in and the moisture that’s outside, out. If you use oils without a moisturizer (ore before one) the oil will seal the moisture out of the hair strand and lead to a coated feel and eventual dryness.fighting hair breakage and achieving moisturizing success is all in other in which you apply your hair products.

4. Protective hairstyle: it is when your hair is bunch together. You should use it especially in the winter (and summer when it is really hot). These are the styles that protect the hair shaft and ends of the hair from rubbing, splitting, and being damage by the elements. Examples of protective hairstyle include braids,twist outs, and buns.

Curly hair is the most fragile state hair can be, because it’s all loose individual strands. Once your hair is together it’s sturdier. You know the old saying “united we stand, divided we fall” that kind of apply to your hair, because when you think about it,when the hairs strands are all by themselves, they’re more prone to being, snag, “attack by the enemies”…it’s just… They’re all out there. All together , your hair is protected by the barrier of the united forces!

5. Satin pillow case (ore night cap): the satin is smooth, it doesn’t pull your hair, it doesn’t suck up all the moisture of your hair (like a cotton pillow case).

Embrace and improve what you have. It is so counterproductive to try to have what other girls have. Every curl pattern are different! Learn to work with yours!

Hope it was helpful, if you guys have anymore suggestions make sure to leave a comment.

Love, Helene Xxx

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