25 summer blog post ideas

25 summer blog post ideas

My 50 blog post ideas and 25 beauty blog post ideas list seems to be pretty popular among you guys so I thought I would do a quick round up of 25 things to blog about during summer. Those ideas might help you to keep your blog fresh, kick writer’s block, or to plan ahead which may gives you a little more time to enjoy the sunny days!

  1. Create a roundup of summer road trip essentials
  2. Are you traveling? Share what’s in your travel beauty bag (here’s mine)
  3. Create a recipe from a meal or a drink you love to enjoy in summer
  4. Share your list of summer goals and when you intend to complete them
  5.  Do you have some tips and tricks on what to bring on a trip or on how to pack your suitcase (read my “How to not over pack” post here).
  6. Are you a big eco friendly advocate? Share your tips and tricks to help the environment.
  7. Do a review of your favourite sunscreens
  8. Is there special things/activities to do in your area this summer?
  9. Visit a new town and create a mini travel guide
  10. Share what you enjoy doing with friends during summer break
  11. What is your favourite foundation to wear during hot days
  12. Share your favourites of BBQ recipes
  13. What is your estivation skin care routine?
  14. Write about how you keep fit and healthy during the summer
  15. Are you good at DIYs? Share one of your favourite summer DIY
  16. Complete a 30 days challenge and share your experience
  17. You like fashion? What will be your must have Items this summers?
  18. Are you planning some changes/ revamping/rebranding with your blog?
  19. What are your favourites summer reads
  20. What is on sour “want to read list”
  21. Share things you want to do this summer…what are your goals!
  22.  Share a summer no heat hairstyle
  23. Share your favourite nails/lip colour
  24. Do you have any fun summer memories to share?
  25. Roundup of your sunglasses collection

Hope this was helpful, have you any summer post ideas? Share them in the comment section down below!

Love, Helene Xx

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